The Riley Law Firm

Typical Problems on school projects:

  •     Assessment errors
  •     Mechanical problems
  •     Roof leaks
  •     Lack of integration of technology
  •     High cost of energy once building opens
  •     Delays
  •    Claims
  •    "Value Engineering"-some of the items you want you do                   now get
  •    Failure to consider long term operational costs
  •    Operational issues

School District Needs a Plan to Address these Issues

    Finance Team- develops a financing plan
        Construction Counsel
        Bond Counsel
        Underwriter/ Financial Adviser
Construction Team Assembly
       Construction Counsel

             MEP Engineer
             Energy Consultant
             Roof Consultant

Technology Consultant

         Construction Manager/ Owner's Representative
       Commissioning Agent
       Maintenance Plan Advisor
       Testing Consultant
       Environmental (Phase I/Asbestos Abatement)
       Geotech Consultant
       Insurance Consultant